What of the Owens Valley? Buy Photos. There are definitely some unique aspects to living here that no other state can relate to. Learn how Prop 187 garnered divided reactions among immigrants and even political parties. Day 1 Saturday 1/24/15. This Hockey panorama in taken in the Levi’s Stadium showcases the NorCal vs SoCal. Here are some of the best drive-thru holiday experiences in Southern California. Oakland and Berkeley are every bit as unsustainably overpopulated in terms of what local sources of water can support. JVS SoCal is responding to COVID-19 by making health and safety a top priority. It's time we all got over them. Saved from hiphoparticles.com. But our wholesale diversion of the state's watercourses is certainly a candidate for runner-up. pin. FINAL SCORE: SOCAL-10 NORCAL-10. This goes beyond your standard all-time Giants and A’s lineup — these are players who grew up and learned the game in the same communities we call home. Aside from those burgs that happen to be right on a major river like the Sacramento, Colorado, or Feather, California's cities are based on the notion of taking water from somewhere else. In recent years, NorCal has dominated in basketball with the high-ranking NBA team, The Golden State Warriors. NORCAL vs SOCAL Euro 2018 - March 24th - Buttonwillow Raceway. 4. In honor of Black History Month, KCET and PBS SoCal will showcase a curated lineup of enlightening programs to bolster awareness and understanding of racial history in America. The division between Northern and Southern California definitely qualifies. SoCal vs. NorCal – Which One Are You? ... Born and raised in Los Angeles, I lived in southern California until moving to northern California for college. The real conflict between NorCal and SoCal is a parochial rivalry between Greater Los Angeles on one side, and the conurbation stretching from the Bay Area to Sacramento on the other, with the rest of the state dragged along for the ride whether they want to be or not. Northern California's water. During a meeting with a local environmentalist, said environmentalist -- born and raised in San Francisco -- referred to Southern California as having "stolen our water.". In the mid-20th Century, with the construction of the Central Valley Project and the State Water Project, more communities were able to tap into water from somewhere else. Real Estate. Both megacities are generally perceived by other Californians as hungry economic empires that consume the resources of the rest of California. Happen to miss the second set of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matches from the AfterShock: Rivalry Reborn - NorCal vs. SoCal stream? 3. And there'd be no real reason not to include both Los Angeles and the Bay Area in that coastal state, which brings us back to square one. Our Impact. They got dozens of unique ideas … Thank you! In other words, San Francisco owes its existence to "stolen" water every bit as much as Los Angeles does. NorCal Vs SoCal At The 101 by Derrell Willson. On July 4, 2017, more than 90 film crews across the country capture Americans in the midst of life, liberty and their particular pursuit of happiness, creating an unflinching snapshot of the depth and breadth of the American experience. But there comes a time when one puts away childish things. 2. NorCal Vs SoCal Polys is on Facebook. And I love the Prius VS Maserati comparison. clock. I call it “lumberjack chic,” and it’s not just good style, it’s also a practical look for Northern California’s seasonal weather. He lives in Joshua Tree. First tournament of the year as always will be the 2020 Otter Open.Spots are still left. Opposition to the dam in Hetch Hetchy sparked the creation of the Sierra Club, which John Muir founded to fight the project. Here are a few programs and articles we recommend to help center your Thanksgiving celebration on honoring and amplifying Native stories, seeking truth about our history, and acknowledging Indigenous presence and wisdom. For over 40 years, NORCAL Group has been dedicated to serving our policyholders with exceptional medical professional liability insurance products and services. Neither should we be. Universities. Northern California was oak-studded hills, redwood trees and glacier-polished granite domes; Southern California was smog, congested freeways and endless expanses of terra cotta roofs. Seventy percent of the State Water Project's water goes to cities in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, all of it piped in from the Sacramento River and its tributaries. For example, a Southern California native would say, “Take the 5 South and get off at the Balboa Exit” and a Northern Californian would say, “Take 5 North and get off at Madison Avenue.” #MANVSFRIES. Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM PDT. The stereotypes I learned were pretty straightforward. The dividing line between Northern and Southern California is a matter of opinion. Rainbow flip flops are a cult in SoCal, but if you hail from the colder reaches of California, you’re more likely to opt for the famed Birkenstocks (which can conveniently, but maybe not fashionably, be paired with socks on a foggy San Francisco morning). Those periodically updated lists of the worst commutes in the country tend to favor SoCal, mainly because there are more cities in SoCal, but NorCal cities are well-represented: an MSN Travel survey earlier this year ranked Antioch in Contra Costa County as having the nation's second worst average commute after New York City. Another definition, and one often used by demographers, takes advantage of a handy feature that jumps out at you when you look at a map of California's counties. They got dozens of unique ideas from professional designers and picked their favorite. Live in both. Read more to know about these hilarious trending memes of the week. NorCal has its profligate water wasters as well. Norcal vs socal! In SoCal, I never had a run-in with rangers or anyone against biking. Help The San Francisco Chronicle draft a team of Northern California's best baseball players! Oh, there were the random pieces of knowledge any American kid picked up from TV in the 1960s and 1970s: that San Francisco had hills that made cop cars catch air; that the hills around Los Angeles had scraggly shrubs instead of trees; that downtown Burbank was beautiful. I rep SoCal to the fullest and wouldn't be caught dead in a weak, tree hugging Prius. McGwire hit a two-run homer in the third, his second of the game, to give SoCal a 4-1 lead. Honestly I love heading up to Northern California every once and awhile. Game 5 will be played at Petco Park on Saturday. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! On the plus side, both North and South boast a committed core of people trying to reduce their footprint, in water use and other ways as well. Here’s where to find five of L.A.’s most scenic bridge crossings — and why they’re fascinating destinations in their own right. We have a lot of changes happening this year. Having grown up in the Los Angeles area, I was initially partial to our warm, lively SoCal beaches. San Fran is a cool city. Question 2/10 The beach is for: Stunning babes and gnarly breakers, the feeling of the hot sun against your skin. Kai Anderson’s eye-catching, multi-colored, hand-drawn thematic maps have developed a cult following in conservation circles in the American West. Don't miss out on KCET.org's events, stories, breaking news, shows, and new recipes. If you ask someone that lives in the Bay Area, whether NorCal or SoCal is better, they will most definitely answer "NorCal." But coming from SoCal to living in NorCal, it's extremely different. kathryn.white created a custom infographic on 99designs. Geographical region: Southern California. We're going to give this one to SoCal by a nose, but it could potentially go either way. From the climate to the recreational activities, to even the words we use--we are pretty different people. SoCal clocks out slightly earlier 48% of SoCal orders happen before 5 p.m. vs 42% of NorCal orders. Chris Clarke was KCET's Environment Editor until July 2017. NorCal/SoCal Dividing Line Figured Out, But Who Gets Fresno? SoCal also buys more bud during the day. Southern Californians put “the” before the name of a highway or freeway, while Northern Californians do not. Life Moves Pretty Fast In SoCal, And NorCal Is Just Missing It Life in SoCal is in fact, more flashy and exciting (see above) and there are approximately double the people living there per capita as Northern Cali, so naturally people like to move fast. In 2015 SoCal isn't the exclusive den of ecological iniquity that some of my Northern Californian compatriots once claimed it was. People may say that the 405 is a terrible place to be, but a lot of the highways in NorCal go down to two lanes, and 4 freeways merge together right at the Bay Bridge, and Emeryville is just as terrible, if not worse than the 405. Customers will blindly taste beers side by side in each style and select what beer they favor more. Despite identifying as a Northern Californian, I've written at least part of this post from Burbank, those earlier descriptions of which I have decided may have been intended as tongue-in-cheek. If California had to choose just one unhappy bit of history to serve as its Original Sin, the campaign of genocide against the state's Native inhabitants would have to be it. It’s just a little different this year. KCET's award-winning environment news project Redefine ran from July 2012 through February 2017. Thanks to the internet, these quirky parts of NorCal living have been summed up into memes. An eclectic series of screenings, discussions, and Q&As with actors, directors, and producers, presented by KCET. The breaking up California is California's oldest political dogma. If the West Coast has you roped in, do your homework before abruptly moving to the Golden State. 10 Downright Funny Memes You’ll Only Get If You’re From Northern California, The Roadside Diner In Northern California With The Best Biscuits And Gravy In The World, The Unique Park Everyone In Northern California Should Visit At Least Once, This Easy Northern California Rail Trail Takes You Through A Woodland Paradise, Thousands Of 10-Inch Marine Worms Washed Up On Drakes Beach In Northern California After A Strong Storm, Find An Idyllic Swimming Hole Inside The Cave At The End Of The Natural Bridges Trail In Northern California. Check out the Series Schedule for the list of tournaments including a few new ones!. Many NorCal residents following baseball tend to be Giants fa… SoCal got a headstart, and NorCal took some time to catch up. 24551 Lerdo Hwy, Buttonwillow, CA 93206. Time to Get Over It | KCET Several gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, zoo officials announced today. Thursday on the NewsHour, more arrests as investigations and calls for justice pick up after the Capitol riot that led to President Trump's second impeachment. Which, sure. He is a veteran environmental journalist and natural history writer. Hell-oh! 2. Ask them for driving directions. Kid's turn - Norcal vs Socal Guitar showdown 4-6-14 Little Lou's BBQ Kid Andersen's performance and commentary along with Rick Estrin's commentary. NorCal Vs. SoCal: What Each Part of California Does Better How each part of California wins in its own way–from a native's perspective. Haul out the holly and fill up the stockings. I lived in Northern California for a quarter century, and am nearing a decade in SoCal. Facebook gives people the power to share … While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. Living in Northern California is unlike living anywhere else in the world and we’re proud of this fact. These are just some of the keywords that make up a stereotypical Californian. Show your support with a tax-deductible contribution to KCET. It's also entirely arbitrary. Our Mission Statement. This was brought home to me one day when I was working in San Francisco's North Beach as editor of Earth Island Journal. Whether it’s established attractions or inaugural events that might become future Halloween standbys, here are five great ways to scare up some extra spooks this October. Huell visits the old marine base in Tustin to see what the city has planned for its two gargantuan blimp hangers. Rent A UTV In Northern California And Go Off-Roading Through The Sierra National Forest, 12 Unforgettable Northern California Day Trips, One For Each Month Of The Year, Hike The Devastated Area Trail In Northern California To See The Effects Of A Volcanic Eruption, Winding Along The Ocean Cliffs, The Kortum Trail Is An Idyllic Coastal Hike In Northern California, 11 Reasons Why Anyone Who Hates Northern California Can Just Shut Up, 9 Totally True Stereotypes Northern Californians Should Just Accept As Fact, 15 Sure-Fire Ways To Make A Northern Californian Mad, 10 Stereotypes About Northern California That Need To Be Put To Rest – Right Now. Day 1 Saturday 1/24/15. A growing number of seed programs is atempting to connect Indigenous communities back to traditional ecological knowledge, while encouraging healthy diets and sustainable farming practices for all. And they've done so regardless of whether they're in NorCal or SoCal. SoCal is a concrete jungle and it continues to sprawl. Home to killer surf. showcase fun facts + industry data | Infographic contest. 15 Things Every Northern Californian Wants The Rest Of The Country To Know! My memoir is going to be discussing the development of my identity as a Colombian American. There's a nearly straight line that separates Monterey, Kings, Tulare, and Inyo counties on the north from San Luis Obispo, Kern, and San Bernardino counties on the south. Northern Californians may feel that using Sacramento River water north of the Tehachapis is more fitting and proper. That line has an uncomfortable, if slightly indirect, historical association with those pro-slavery Southern Californians: it's about 48 miles south of the 36°30′ Missouri Compromise line between Slave and Free states that became the first seriously proposed division between California's two largest provinces. Modern-day Los Angeles would never have happened were it not for that water from the Owens River, and then the Mono Basin and the Colorado and the streams of the Sierra Nevada and Klamaths all being diverted to water its industry, its suburban housing tracts. Hosted by SoCalEuro.com. A trademark. Banana Republic has teamed up again with Jared Goff, a two-time NFL Pro Bowl selection and Super Bowl contender, for its latest campaign.. The Bay Area's Central Valley fringes once had dark skies at night, as recently as the late 1980s, in places like Tracy, where floodlit development now obscures the nighttime stars. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace. Monterey and SLO would likely be part of a state of Coastal California. Driving the Bay Area's Interstate 580 Corridor isn't substantially different from taking that chaparral-free stretch of the 10 from LA to Covina. The Tehachapi Mountains are often suggested as a natural dividing line, but they're not a perfect border. But it obscures a whole lot more than it illuminates. The mission of the Municipal Equipment Maintenance Association (MEMA) is to improve the quality of service in the public sector by providing a forum for the free exchange of experience, technical knowledge, ideas and opinions that enhance the delivery of public services and promote the personal and professional growth of our members. An attitude. Our state's challenges aren't split along an imaginary dividing line. Learn more about the factors that led to the introduction and eventual passage of Proposition 187: radical demographic change, economic recession, civil unrest, natural disaster and a re-election campaign of a vulnerable Republican governor. 1. Big Euro photos from NorCal vs SoCal Euro 2004; Vortex coverage of NorCal vs SoCal Euro 2004; Fourtitude coverage of NorCal vs SoCal Euro 2004 More than a year ago. If you enjoyed looking at these memes, you should definitely check out 15 Things Every Northern Californian Wants The Rest Of The Country To Know! The rivalry between North and South California was a real, bone-deep fact about California. ASADA FRIES. Show Map. Many SoCal People Never Been to Northern CA?, Los Angeles, 41 replies Possible move from NorCal, Los Angeles, 5 replies Roaches in LA/SoCal?, Los Angeles, 26 replies Medicare Plans - Very cheap in Socal but not Norcal, Los Angeles, 1 replies Anybody moved from NorCal to L.A.?, Los Angeles, 11 replies History Brief History Of The Pacific Coast Highway. For another, it's a coastal-centric definition. It belongs to all of us. “Southland Sessions” connects you to SoCal’s resilient arts scene one session at a time. Residents of coastal Monterey and SLO counties, for instance, have more in common than either does with those living on their side of the line elsewhere in the state. NorCal Is a Woodsy Wonderland Sure, SoCal has the San Bernardino mountains, the Santa Monica mountains, ranges across the Mojave, plenty of hills (Hollywood, Laguna, Baldwin, etc. By California.com September 20, 2020. NorCal is great for hiking and being in the woods. Meeker goes on to point out, "Bakersfield is definitely SoCal and Modesto is definitely NorCal, and nobody wants to lay claim to Fresno, the apparent regional culture DMZ." Just as the Southern California megalopolis couldn't have arisen without imports of water from a dozen other watersheds, San Francisco would not have grown much after the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire without tapping its own exotic watershed: that of the Tuolumne River in Yosemite National Park. The same goes for people across the line from each other in the San Joaquin Valley and in the desert. The brand’s newest campaign offers a humorous take on the duality of Goff’s California style roots – NorCal (Northern California) vs. SoCal (Southern California) – with a meme-driven social media approach full of playful GIFs, … Our Mission. How many of these ten memes can you relate to you? A complimentary expression sometimes used as a snide insult. Games 6 and 7, if … 35 / 184. YouTube Vs TikTok, Lockdown & Twilight Memes That Have Been Trending On Social Media YouTube vs TikTok and other memes that have been trending on social media this week. But that's not a NorCal versus SoCal thing. If you say you’re celebrating 420 in SoCal, chances are you’ll receive several blank stares, and perhaps even be arrested, while up in Northern California you’ll probably get a few cheers and a couple high-fives. May 28, 2020 - 42.2k Likes, 100 Comments - Golden State Warriors (@warriors) on Instagram: “November 1, 2014 - NorCal vs. SoCal showdown #WarriorsArchive: Making of a Champion, presented by…” That Feud Between NorCal and SoCal? When determining where someone is from in Californian, check her feet first. January 15, 2021 – PBS NewsHour Full Episode. Ask a resident of Alturas, or of Calexico, whether she feels any closer an affiliation to either San Francisco or Los Angeles, and you might get a surprising answer. But that was all image. I have loved both experiences. Powered by SmugMug Owner Log In. Big SoCal Euro 2005. I had someone describe it to me as in NorCal you might go to the beach with a blanket and have a bonfire, while in SoCal you might hop in your car in only your swimsuit and stay for the full day. Grew up NorCal (Marin). This is the second best result for NorCal in the 39 years of Maze Cup. It took me a couple years here to start realizing I'd been sold a spurious rivalry between NorCal and SoCal. There are definitely some unique aspects to living here that no other state can relate to. 145 / 184. It's time to drop the trumped-up rivalry and work together to protect what's left of California. San Jose and big parts of the southern East Bay rely on water from the Tuolumne as well, and Oakland and Berkeley in turn grew after tapping the Mokelumne River to the north. PBS SoCal and KCET are collaborating with KPCC and LAist to bring you a daily reporter roundup discussing the latest regional news about COVID-19. For one thing, residents of Bakersfield may have something to say about being lumped in with residents of Mendocino and Nevada City as Northern Californians. It's a handy story. AHAT Venice Beach Rap Battle | Yung Pop vs 2face | NorCal vs SoCal Watch LADY NORCAL DYNASTY ELITE vs. SOCAL BLAZE BLACK Replay at EOT Northwest Shootout (2020) on August 22, 2020 at 11PM on BallerTV. Thanks to the internet, these quirky parts of NorCal living have been summed up into memes. Down in SoCal I only ever experienced one of those things: A view at the top. Looking for outdoor options beyond your local park or playground? Targa Trophy Car Meet-NorCal vs SoCal Hosted By NOS Drinks 8-28-10 Newark, CA; Targa Trophy Car Meet-NorCal vs SoCal Cars Read More. We've got 15 breweries from NorCal matched up by style against 15 breweries from SoCal in this friendly competition. That vaunted Whole Earth worldview seems to have faded, if it was ever really there in the first place. Tax ID: 95-2211661, FCC Public Inspection File | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use, © 2021 - Public Media Group of Southern California, That Feud Between NorCal and SoCal? Living in Northern California is unlike living anywhere else in the world and we’re proud of this fact. Here are the things that make NorCal better than SoCal. Building better lives, one job at a time by empowering individuals to achieve dignity and economic independence through sustainable employment. It was the first thing I learned about California, really: that north and south don't get along. After all, public media is meant for the public. The rivalry between SoCal and NorCal is so apparent that it even extends to sports teams. Synonyms: Southern California and Northern California When I arrived in California in 1982 there were still broad patches of land in the Bay Area's valleys that had not yet been developed. The Chronicle and Los Angeles Times are launching a project that stands alone in the realm of fantasy baseball: Northern California’s greatest players against the best from Southern California. Places to Stay If we were to divide up the state based on actual geography, and the regional and lifestyle affinities that geography promotes in the people who live in a particular area, then the San Joaquin Valley and the desert might well work as their own pieces of what was once California. Learn more about the role artists had in helping spread the message. Benefits of having rivalries, NorCal vs. SoCal history and more on UltraChenTV Tuesday Night Joint Show Posted by SFilp • August 28, 2012 at 8:01 p.m. PDT • Comments: 2 UltraChenTV That’s because everybody knows flip flops are year-round footwear, and they pair perfectly with s… Our NorCal team will go head to head against a SoCal team picked by Los Angeles Times readers. Welcome to the Norcal Series 2020. We need a little Christmas! Now NORcal weed is another story, we've got a few mids here and there, and we've got a lot of good shit up here, and we've got some GREAT shit up here. Buy Photos. Then he meets up with Ruben (from Musso’s) at Durango Restaurant where they cook them just like him Mom used to. 1. SOCAL BURRITO. A divide between Northern California and Southern California makes a kind of superficial sense: The South is dry and populated; the North is somewhat less populated and has mighty rivers. 5 years in Asia. Sometimes, it’s good to be bad. Yes, California isn’t all palm trees and sunshine – shocking, I know. When thinking about living in California, three things come to mind: sunny weather, appetizing food, and an easy-going culture. Today it has become more ubiquitous across America, but I’d still say it’s very much a part of Northern California’s culture. Calling all bad boys to step their game up! Joseph Rodriguez’s photographs of the LAPD in 1994 is a deeply personal, political act that still resonates in today’s political climate. 51 Likes, 1 Comments - Reilly (@garmo_gill24) on Instagram: “NorCal vs. SoCal #gaygames2018 #paris2018 #gaysoccer #westhollywoodsoccerclub #SFsoccer #sfspikes…” We have the wine country. He walks us through a map he created of Sen. Harry Reid's major environmental campaigns. And it's not hard to decide the stereotype of SoCal as a water-thirsty, unsustainable megalopolis depending on water from other regions has merit. NORCAL STYLE VS SOCAL STYLE . More than 40,000 square miles of the state lie well east of the Tehachapis. And when I landed in California in 1982, at age 22, I chose a side: I was, emphatically, a northerner. If SoCal's population was limited to that which its own water supply could support in a sustainable way, there'd still be miles of open chaparral along the 10 in the San Gabriel Valley. And when it comes to cultural differences between NorCal and SoCal? Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Get more stories delivered right to your email. Though an unidentified household in Beverly Hills has gotten a lot of press lately for using a million gallons of water a month, NorCal has its profligate water wasters as well. "Sleep No More" theater director Mikhael Tara Garver unearths the L.A. River's 8-mile deep stories and histories in an ongoing work of experimental theater called "Rio Reveals.". NorCal vs SoCal CX Day 1 Saturday 1/24/15. Will NorCal take the title for the 3rd year in a row? But we've got some GOD DAMN MOTHERFUCKING AMAZING LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA herb up here too, and I'll be GodDamned if NorCal weed doesn't beat SoCal weed. Northern California was Small is Beautiful: Southern California was Mall is Beautiful. I think of it as more of a pompous thing. Prop 13, the campaign to slash property taxes, launched a tax revolt that continues today. Pictures of the weekend racing in Petaluma, Ca at 101 Raceway. You can add a beach excursion, but it’s not the same as in SoCal. Stunning views and wind-breakers, … NorCal people hate SoCal. For one thing, it seems to be Northerners who really feel that rivalry. In my opinion, NorCal looks much better but I did get warned about rangers. Huge redwoods, a river with flowing water, a gorgeous view at the top. See how different organizations came together in a concerted effort against Proposition 187 — from the unions to young organizers. Huell stops by Gaytan Foods and sees the pickled pig ears. You will rarely hear people in southern California refer to themselves as SoCal or their neighbors up north as NorCal. Joe Biden has formally nominated Merrick Garland for attorney general. Some of that area, like in the Colorado Desert, would clearly belong in Southern California, but what of the Mojave? See high school, club level Basketball livestreams, replays and highlights on BallerTV. The successful diversion of the Owens River to Los Angeles' water mains in 1913 is the archetype of our state's relationship to water. In NorCal, we have rain, fog, and snow, but don’t worry, we keep wearing flip flops. People from SoCal, it turned out, seem to love the Northern part of the state, to want to visit and spend money there and imagine living there someday, which just infuriates people from Northern California all the more. "Tending Nature" shines a light on the environmental knowledge of indigenous peoples across California by exploring how the state's Native peoples have actively shaped and tended the land for millennia. Our water. But an endangered winter-run Sacramento River chinook salmon struggling to survive in a blood-warm stream probably doesn't care whether the sprinkler that took its water is spraying a lawn in Sacramento or San Diego. order now. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. And the ecological blitheness of San Francisco's new tech elite is so well-covered as to be trite by now. Avocados, surf culture, In-N-Out Burger, flip flops, being tan, and ample summer weather. SoCal wins by sets (25 sets to 23 sets). showcase fun facts + industry data | Infographic contest kathryn.white created a custom infographic on 99designs. But mostly, when I arrived in Berkeley in 1982, Northern California was home to rivers full of wild native fish, and Southern California was trying to build a Peripheral Canal to steal that water. San Francisco is even worse off, and even the somewhat larger streams of the Peninsula and South Bay couldn't support anything close to the cities that now inhabit their watersheds. Northern California was the Whole Earth Catalog: Southern California was the John Birch Society. Join Facebook to connect with NorCal Vs SoCal Polys and others you may know. Born SoCal. The development those water imports facilitate is another way in which Northern California cities don't differ much from their SoCal counterparts. Without Hetch Hetchy there'd be no City by the Bay. May 10, 2019 - The showdown is on! Kendal Koorenny. I often feel that California is defined by the clashing of the Northern California and the Southern California cultures. Huell visits the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County to explore its famous animal dioramas. Books 9 Quotes That Tap The Love/Hate Mythology Of LA. 25 years in Silicon Valley (Intel, HP, start-ups). Finally, he samples a gelatinous Asian delicacy at the Chung King Restaurant. 'Six Californias' Was Just One of Many Attempts to Break Up the State, L.A. River Becomes the Focal Point for Epic, Ongoing Experimental Theater, '90s Photos of LAPD Reveal a City in Pain.

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