unreliable, late and inconsistant. college stundents use this service and so do people with jobs. 1, 4, 5 and 6 are completely unreliable. Complaint. I am making a complaint about an Arriva Bus Company Driver. Please fill out complaint form at the bottom of this page (Subject: Complaints) or send it to us by: e-mail on: reklamacije@arriva.com.hr. When waiting 20+ minutes for a bus at peak times (a regular occurrence), expect it to be a single decker where everyone is packed together like sardines. The app constantly says it is valid on another device or shows nothing at all. Cons: 754 is nearly always late, cancelled, no bus, poor timetable, drivers chatting too much on handover, leaves early or very rude driver. Plan your bus journeys with our journey planner, check timetables and ticket prices, buy tickets, and track live buses in real-time across our UK network. Arriva Bus Help Portal What is your complaints procedure? Normal bus drivers hours are Monday to Friday and get 10.70 and get a £11.00 an hour on Saturday. The app is an absolute disgrace. Can I get on Arriva buses in my disability scooter? If you need assistance for a complaint or you have a report to send to Arriva you can write us. But as a arriva click driver you … On a consistent basis, buses are late (often up to an hour) or simply don't run at all. Compare Arriva with other companies before you buy. If we can't give you an answer straight away we may need to launch an investigation and get back to you. Any complaints relating to Arriva London staff in regards to apprentice complaints please contact: Wayne Ellis, Arriva London North Limited, Unit 1E Towpath Road, Edmonton, London N183QX Telephone; 0208 271 0307 or 07870 498596 Email: ellisw.london@arriva.co.uk Your experience can help others make better choices. The initial investigation will take 5 working days to complete and once customer service have received this response they will attempt to respond to you as soon as possible. Small Pros & Big Cons Pros: 320 service solid. Arriva has cancelled a service as stated below, even though there are issues due to … To make a complaint, please contact our Customer Services team by clicking here. Arriva help - frequently asked questions about Arriva. If our service doesn't live up to your expectations we want you to tell us about it, so that we can try to put things right. New app shambles Cannot get the same info that was on the old app. Select a region. unreliable, late and inconsistant. Can I make a complaint on behalf of someone else? Arriva (former Autotrans) is the leading scheduled coach service operator in western and coastal Croatia and a member of the international corporation Arriva by Deutsche Bahn, present in 14 European countries. Arriva plc Admiral Way Doxford International Business Park Sunderland SR3 3XP UK. Arriva couldn't get any worse if they tried. It takes me well over an hour and half to get home from work most nights because buses are late. If you need assistance for a complaint or you have a report to send to Arriva you can write us. Select a region. I'm working, wife on medication kids losing vital education. You can find contact details for Arriva above.. ComplaintsBoard.com is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004. Arriva couldn't get any worse if they tried. They will investigate the issue and provide customer services with an official investigation result. Arriva plc Admiral Way Doxford International Business Park Sunderland SR3 3XP UK. Arriva Bus UK originates from Arriva’s acquisition of companies Grey-Green in 1980 and British Bus in 1996.A fleet of over 5,000 buses and a team of around 20,000 employees help Arriva UK Bus to deliver at least 90% customer satisfaction. Why shut down the old app when the new one isn't ready yet! Complaints If you need assistance with a lost item, a complaint or you have a report to send to Arriva, you can write to us. UK's worst bus operators are said to be First, Arriva and Rotala while the worst train operators are Southern Rail, Great Northern and Thameslink. Very rarely late and when they are its only because of traffic or situations out of their control. Arriva are a joke, 3 buses not turned up in 3 weeks without any way of knowing where the dam bus is. Tempcover says it used more than 3.2 million tweets from May 31 last year to June 1 this year to find out which public transport operators in the UK are getting the most complaints. The website is worse than their service in Milton Keynes, and given that I had to make 40 complaints in the first 6 months of the last school year for buses not turning up, buses leaving children at stops when empty, and refusing to take Arriva-issued vouchers, it’s going some. What can I do now? I am making a complaint about an Arriva Bus Company Driver. By consistent I mean if 1 bus a day is on time it's a massive talking point for my colleagues and I … Does not tell you where the bus is. We've made it as easy as possible for you to get in touch - just visit the Contact Us page and you can fill in the form online or you can call us on the phone or you can write to us. GB. Drivers were pleasant and chatty before the virus and have been professional (and quieter!) unreliable, late and inconsistant. Skip to main content. Early start 9am late finish 8pm. Girl left with concussion after hitting head during Arriva bus journey. college stundents use this service and so do people with jobs. Will Arriva Customer Services speak to my Insurance Team or Solicitor in the event of an accident? Sometimes this can take some time, particularly if we need to talk to a driver, but we aim to get back to you within 10 working days. Read reviews of Arriva, share your experience and resolve your issues. since. Share your reviews of Arriva Bus Travel and help yourself and others to make comparisons on these and other travel companies. The relevant organ for settling out of court disputes related to services provided by Arriva RP is the Train Passenger's Ombudsman. Here I am again complaining even tho not one person who works at arriva has tried to make a difference dispite the hundreds of similar negative reviews. Read 1 more review about Arriva Bus (UK) Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Matt 2 reviews.

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