You can optimize this a little bit, by adding the dimensions of the image. vue-lazy-background-images Lazy Background Images for Vue 2, is a component which can help you load images directly using a URL or loading them dynamically. when you have certain animations and transitions taking place. Keep in mind, though, that not every browser (most notably Safari) supports the Intersection Observer API yet, but Lozad.js degrades very gracefully by simply loading all images immediately if the browser does not support the Intersection Observer API. v1.2.4: fix: using ‘dataset’ in IE10,9 Instead of loading the full blown high quality image, you can load first a small blurry picture and then the bigger one. 07 vue-lazy-background-images - Lazy load background images for Vue 2. Using lazy loading techniques can have a huge positive effect on the loading performance of a website, especially on pages featuring a lot of large scale, high quality images. Posted on 29 July 2018, by Markus Oberlehner, in Development, tagged JavaScript and Vue. Step 1: Create the ImageItem component in Vue. Before we get started: there already is a perfectly fine solution for lazy loading images with Vue.js: Vue-Lazyload. // image to improve perceived performance. Deferring to the browser when support is available and otherwise loading a polyfill such as Lazysizes is a solid approach to performant, responsive images. A Vue.js plugin for lazyload your Image or Component in your application. Because we don’t want to implement the logic for detecting if an image is in the viewport, and therefore should be loaded, ourselves, we use Lozad.js to handle this for us. Let’s start by creating a component that will show an image (but with no lazy loading involved just yet). If you want to take a look at the result of our work, you can look at a demo hosted on Netlify and you can check out the code on GitHub. That's why I created v-lazy-image, a Vue.js component that extends the tag API and applies lazy loading. By providing a width and a height, the component can calculate the aspect ratio and reserve the space that the image will take up. Tạo một component ImageItem. Preview: Changelog: 06/05/2018. 06 vue-tiny-lazyload-img - A small size Vue.js v.2+ directive for lazy loading images. # Steps Create a Nuxt project and install Vue Lazyload. - 1.1.6 - a JavaScript package on npm - Another route you can go, is to use a low fi blurry version of the image as a placeholder while the high-resolution version is loading. Vue module for lazy-loading images in your vue.js applications. Keep in mind, though, that by using this technique you have to load two images instead of one, you should absolutely test if this has a beneficial effect overall. Support for lazy loaded images is available via the complimentary component. On of the coolest features of this component is the lazy loading image. By providing a width and a height, the component can calculate the aspect ratio and reserve the space that the image will take up. But keep in mind, that using this techniques can also have downsides. ImageItem.vue. BootstrapVue's image components support rounded images, thumbnail styling, alignment, and even the ability to create blank images with an optional solid background color. Chúng ta sẽ gọi file này là ImageItem.vue. Hãy bắt đầu bằng việc tạo một component hiển thị một hình ảnh (đương nhiên là chưa có lazy load gì cả). With Vue3, I'm trying to create a Picture component with lazyload integrated to it. The lazy loading of images via the loading attribute has landed in Chrome, and other browser-vendors are sure to follow suit. If a browser that does not support this functionality is detected, the image will still load as normal. 09 vue-lazy-youtube-video - A simple Vue.js component for lazy loading YouTube videos. v-img component is used to display a responsive image with lazy-load and placeholder. // if the width and the height are given. Bài viết này tôi sẽ cùng bạn tạo một ví dụ lazy loading Image bằng VueJS. Summary. There are multiple ways of how to use the component. vue-lazyload documentation, tutorials, reviews, alternatives, versions, dependencies, community, and more Component-based image lazy loader allowing deep customization, transitions and optimizations for Vue.js 2. It’s time to see how we can make use of it in our Vue applications. In the tests that I’ve done, Vue-Lazyload adds about 19 kB to the final bundle size (overall bundle size: 106 kB). Vue Visual. This component is only for background images and does not support anything other than that. Create a lazy-loading image component for faster Vue.js apps. After installing the lozad package, we can start building our custom Vue.js lazy loading image component. Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox. Steps to use Vue Lazyload in a Nuxt project. Ask Question Asked today. Lozad.js has a very small footprint of only 1.8 kB and it’s very fast because it uses the Intersection Observer API. It’s pretty common practice nowadays to use lazy loading techniques to delay the loading of images until they are visible. However, I’m a huge fan of components because they’re very flexible and they enable us to easily add further functionality in the future, if we want to. If you’re ok with the image popping up as soon as it’s loaded, you can use the component almost the same way as a regular tag. You can read more about lazy loading images with Vue.js in my article about this very topic. For those of you who’re constantly searching for ways of how to shave off a few kilobytes of your application or who’re interested in how to build stuff themselves, read on. Subscribe. Jobs for Vue. Usage. Vue lazy image and background loading plugin. There’s not much else, but … To use it, once you install it by running npm install v-lazy-image , you can add it globally to your project: The lazy-loaded image pops up as soon as it's loaded You can optimize this a little bit, by adding the dimensions of the image. of listener names. 08 vue-lazy-images - A plugin of lazyload images for Vue 2.x. Above you can see the code of the AppImage component. Vue 2 image and video loader supporting lazy loading. It provides a set of values which can be used to configure how the image will display: Lazy Loading Images in VueJS is important to save bandwidth, rank your page better, improve performance considerably and provide a better User Experience, especially if your website has several images. Lazy load background images for Vue 2 Lazy Background Images for Vue vue-lazy-background-images A simple Vue component for lazy loading background components. The only difference is that you have to prefix the src and srcset properties with the lazy- keyword, if you want to make use of lazy loading that is, otherwise you can use the regular src and srcset properties. There are plenty of other Lazy Loaders out there, but they are all directive-based. Register for the Newsletter of my upcoming book: Advanced Vue.js Application Architecture. Vue-Lazyload is a lightweight and easy to use Vue 1.x / 2.x module for lazy loading images in your applications. In my opinion, this is a good enough fallback, but you can also use a polyfill if you want. vue-lazyload-images A plugin of lazy-load images for Vue2.x Support images lazyload in window or build-in element. A small size Vue.js v.2+ directive for lazy loading images. new v2.3.10. Everything works fine when I load the page and none of the Picture are in viewport (when I scroll down, the images are loaded successively). But in order to load the image in the background and have it displayed only after it is fully loaded, we need to use a bit of Javascript in the