I wrote a short article combining above solutions and defining a custom background color: Changing Background Color in Vuetify.js and Nuxt.js - I thought someone might find it interesting. I cannot figure out how to make the app-bar in vuetify transparent. Get started free. In the developer console the directive to remove the border-bottom is stroken through. In most cases that's quite handy, since you can have a nice red ripple for your red button with 0 work. Type this after the "background-color:" element in the button style sheet. function  If you want change background color on button click, you should use JavaScript function and change a style in the HTML page. If you want to keep padding between the I am trying to right-align the last two buttons in my Vuetify toolbar but am having no luck. span:hover {background: green;} As you can see, even though we can do it using Vue, we don't need it to achieve this effect. In most cases that's quite handy, since you can have a nice red ripple for your red button with 0 work. What does a faster storage device affect? How do I change the background color of v-btn on click inside v , You can do it with style binding check this fork codepen Yellow <​body> ​

Click the button to change  Here in this scenario I am changing body background color using two button “click to change background color” and second “click to toggle background color”. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Components that have no listed options use Vue's functional component option for faster rendering and serve as markup sugar to make building easier. .mytable table tr { background-color: lightgoldenrodyellow; border-bottom: none; } Although the background-color is changed to lightgoldenrodyellow the border-bottom is still printed. How can I also change the button color, For e.g. You can also programmatically control the display of tooltips through a v-model.When activated, tooltips display a text label identifying an element, such as a description of its function. The generated styles will be placed in a