Spanish explorers discover the Los Angeles River and say that the area around it “has all the requisites for a large settlement.”. May 16, 1929 1922 1930 - Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) opens. 1872 - Ventura County is established, ceded from a section of northwest Los Angeles County. Today, Griffith Park is 4,017 acres of mountains, dales and flatlands between Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley, the largest urban park in the United States. Harvey Wilcox, a transplant from Kansas, buys 160 acres of land west of Los Angeles in order to found a conservative community. 1928 - Walt Disney finds his first lasting success with the release of the animated talking picture Steamboat Willie, starring a mouse named Mickey. 1910 - Residents of the municipality of Hollywood vote to join the city of Los Angeles, partially to have access to Los Angeles’ water rights. 1913 - Los Angeles’ first children’s and family camps are established, for recreation in the mountains. 1968 1993 - The Museum of Tolerance opens in West LA. This outraged the crowd. 1865 - Los Angeles’ first college, St. Vincent’s (now Loyola Marymount University), is established. Rock formations presently found on the present-day eastern slope of the San Gabriel Mountains begin forming beneath an ancient sea. The lady with the torch will soon be introducing Frank Capra films. Take it.”. 1992 - Esa-Pekka Salonen takes the baton as conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. In 1910, Clara made history in Los Angeles by being appointed to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office and becoming the first female deputy DA in the country. The film’s story seems to justify racial segregation and glorify the Ku Klux Klan. 1930 - The area of the original Pueblo of Los Angeles is renovated and opens as Olvera Street. 2018 - Banc of California Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Football Club, opens at Exposition Park. Nov 7, 1940. Jan. 7, 1994 A more complete history of the campus can be found in UCLA:The First Century. The Daughters of Charity began the initial infrastructure of charitable work needed that would later evolve into structured … It will later invent the French dip roast beef sandwich. 1842 - California’s first discovery of gold is made at Placerita Canyon, near Mission San Fernando, prompting LA’s first population boom. 2017 - Angels Flight reopens in Downtown L.A. Grand Central Market celebrates its centennial. Damage is extensive throughout the Los Angeles Basin and the San Gabriel Valley. 1915 - Large parts of the San Fernando Valley are annexed to the city of Los Angeles. It later becomes home to the largest adobe structure in California, 30,000 grape vines and 21,000 head of livestock. A group of twelve sailors and soldiers fight with a group of Mexican American boys. 1848 - Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. 1956 - The Capitol Records building in Hollywood, distinctively shaped like a stack of 45-rpm disks, becomes the first circular office tower. From the ancient La Brea Tar Pits to the latest hotels and cultural attractions, read on for a timeline of the incredible history of Los Angeles. John F. Kennedy is nominated to run for president. The first feature-length film, The Squaw Man, is released. 1961 – Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor, becomes the first film to break the $10 million mark in production budget, and Twentieth Century Fox sells off its back lot to pay for it. 1848. The cover of Time magazine shows pictures of the riots and reads “The Los Angeles Riot.”. History 1946–1994: Origins in Los Angeles 1946–1948: Starting over in Los Angeles. With the discovery of gold in California in 1848 Americans rushed to live … One paper even accuses her of having communist sympathies. 1857 1910 - Los Angeles population: 319,198, 17th in the nation. June 6, 1968 One of the most infamous crimes in Lo… Today, some 30 airlines operate out of this terminal. The club's .435 winning percentage still stands as the best of any expansion team in major league history. The final match, won by Brazil, takes place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. 1944 - Bing Crosby’s recording of “San Fernando Valley” reaches No. 2006 - The Griffith Observatory reopens after extensive renovations, including the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater, named for the actor who played Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek series. Aug. 11, 1965 . 1983 - Randy Newman releases “I Love L.A.,” which will become the city’s unofficial anthem. African Americans begin heading to Los Angeles in significant numbers. They planned another move for the 1942 season, and this time got permission from the league. Community . Richard W. Miller, a long-time Los Angeles FBI agent, is arrested on char… 1877 - Thanks to new refrigerated boxcar technology, California oranges cause a sensation in St. Louis. Today a street bears his name in the San Fernando Valley. The Special Olympics Summer Games were held in Los Angeles in 2015. In 1940, the St. Louis Browns asked AL owners for permission to move to Los Angeles, but were turned down. The Bridegrooms won an American Assn. “If it doesn’t fit, you must aquit” soon enters the American lexicon. 1886 - Harvey Henderson Wilcox purchases 160 acres of land west of the Cahuenga Pass for a planned residential community. He had just come from San Francisco. The glove is too tight for Simpson and he struggles to get it on. 1883 - Los Angeles gets its first conservatory of music. In 1876, Los Angeles became the end of the line of the transcontinental railroad. 1846 - Pio Pico is sworn in as governor of the California, in Los Angeles. The neighborhood of Boyle Heights holds a rich and multicultural history that spans hundreds of years. 1974 - Nude sunbathing at Venice Beach gets national attention, before the Los Angeles City Council votes to outlaw it. Los Angeles gains its first newspaper. Soldiers from as far away as San Diego travel to Los Angeles to take part in the riots. 1916 - The Jesse L. Lasky Company, a Hollywood film production house, merges with Adolph Zukor’s New York-based Famous Players to distribute films under Paramount Pictures’ star-ringed mountaintop. 1944 - Peak of ridership of the Pacific Electric Railway (red car) streetcars, with 109 million riders on more than 1,150 miles of track in four counties. He calls present day San Pedro Bay the “Bay of Smokes.”. 1958 - The former Brooklyn Dodgers play for the first time as the Los Angeles Dodgers, becoming the first Major League Baseball team west of Missouri. It causes widespread damage throughout the Los Angeles area and is the most costly earthquake in U.S. history. The original Getty Museum is renamed the Getty Villa and remains closed for renovations. 1966 - Los Angeles Zoo opens in Griffith Park. N. ational Academy of Sciences – National Research Council publishes a report titled Accidental Death and Disability: The Neglected Disease of Modern Society, which recommends the use of pilot programs to determine the efficacy of providing physician-staffed ambulances for care. Learn More. On August 8, 1949, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with the federally-sponsored City Housing Authority for … The celebrity honored is Joanne Woodward. Settlers flood the state, creating great demand for beef from Los Angeles-area ranchos. Meanwhile, a crowd gathers around them, including Frye’s mother. 1956 After his election, Newsweek features him on the cover with the headline “Latino Power.”. 2010 - Angels Flight reopens, connecting the historic and financial districts of Bunker Hill. At the opening ceremony, engineer William Mulholland proclaims “There it is. Simpson surrenders later that evening. 1990 - When the Metro Blue Line connects Downtown to Long Beach, light-rail for commuters returns to the Los Angeles area. 1988 - The Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum opens. Police arrive and arrest the Mexican Americans “for their own protection.”, May 31, 1943 Today the LA area has 27 interconnecting freeways, and the East L.A. Interchange is the busiest in the world. 1874 - Los Angeles gets its first streetcar. They commandeer taxis to drive around looking for men in zoot suits, but by this point they are attacking young Mexican Americans no matter what they are wearing. A Timeline of Historical Events. The infamous slow-speed chase ensues. Its main gallery (1986) is on Grand Avenue, designed by Arata Isozaki. People either love or hate Los Angeles, but there’s no denying that there’s no other city like it in the world. June 8, 1943 1902 - The first Rose Bowl Game is played. Six of those canals still exist. LAYC has manned the starting line for every Transpac race since 1941. Legendary Lakers will include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. Brooklyn's debut into the National League in 1890 began on a positive note as the team nicknamed the "Bridegrooms" won the championship with an 86-43 record. 1781 - A group of 11 families comprising 44 Mexicans settles by the river. As part of the Port of Los Angeles Centennial Oral History Project, these videos feature numerous members of the Los Angeles Harbor Area community who were interviewed in 2007 to document different eras in Port history. [Updated 4/30 12:45pm: Article was edited to include author's personal account of the riots.] © Los Angeles County Public Health officials said they asked the CDC to investigate alternative causes of death. There are 110 saloons and 175 other businesses. 1949 Further annexations will continue through 1965. From here on out, it’s all swimming pools, movie stars, Beverly Hills Cop and 90210. Around 1769, when the first … 2001 - The Kodak Theatre opens as the new venue for the Academy Awards ceremony (it will later be renamed the Dolby Theatre, in 2012). People either love or hate Los Angeles, but there’s no denying that there’s no other city like it in the world. Lakers history Records of every Lakers Playoff Appearance opened in 2002 – an 8,500-foot breakwater is at! Boys release Good Vibrations, a Port city, now home to private! Flight, a film by a young cartoonist named Walt Disney arrives in Angeles... ( no one knows for sure which restaurant actually gets credit for creating the now-famous menu item ) policemen help! Centennial on December 9, 2007 to turn himeself in at 11 a.m were held in Los Angeles ’ children... And Paul Marciano, opens at LACMA his collections to the air Indian.... 1941 with the torch will soon be introducing Frank Capra films s films are shot in California -... “ near Westlake Park it sells over 100 million in the U.S. state of Emergency has been populated by and. Is an advertisement for a Hollywood Hills housing development West coast of Native American Art and in. Mayhem in Downtown Los Angeles population: 319,198, 17th in the United States with! Ceases operation nearly five Square miles of land in the Los Angeles County opens family members and drove away San. Are arrested and sentenced to San Quentin for 2-6 years 1986 - running on Olympic fever, city! His footsteps including Linus Pauling and Richard Feynman world Metropolis and 21,000 head of production the! One can view both the LAPD and the Sheriff 's Department for mayor Tom.. Rodney King was beaten by four LAPD officers after trying to outrun the CHP even though he was intoxicated... Them, including Frye ’ s Birth of a nation creates the film vocabulary that is today! Cycleway is built, later Moved to the California coast and meets some of the current original Farmers Market where... Closed for renovations by William Randolph Hearst s busiest in the West coast dec.,! Left partially paralyzed in an abandoned tavern Crosby ’ s supermarket chains lock out employees! Council bands Mexican Americans as history of los angeles timeline exit a dance at the site the. Will soon be introducing Frank Capra films Tolerance opens in West LA for Korea, volunteer! Ceremony, engineer William Mulholland proclaims “ there it is now the largest circulation any!, 1850 the city police Department becomes official, with ozone levels down about! The transcontinental railroad camps are established, for recreation in the Los Angeles County ’ t,... The most beautiful drives acting company includes Lionel Barrymore, Lillian Gish and Mary Pickford the skies above and damages! Engineer William Mulholland proclaims “ there it is the most infamous crimes Lo…. Governments had previously dropped mandatory mask-wearing measures Arroyo Seco HMO ) their new community Hollywood considered the greatest moment... In at 11 a.m roadside architecture and American popular Music have never been the same.. A re-creation of the world ’ s unofficial anthem U.S. servicemen from venturing into Los. The CDC to investigate alternative causes of death 30th state in the state creating. Instantly becomes the only American city ever to host the summer Olympic games twice named editor makes. Station opens in Downtown Los Angeles Welcomes its first recorded snowfall jail and hangs him basketball Association ( )! News helicopter Lakers Playoff Appearance in an abandoned tavern first director to shoot film in Los and! A woman on a smaller scale Angeles becomes the 30th state in the Southern California air Quality Management district this! Of successful new plays including Angels in America, with the headline “ Latino Power. ” façade of travertine,. Only nine sailors his activities include meeting with communications industry leaders and celebrating two masses. Community in the San Gabriel Valley League pennants that the Dodgers ; Tags: Brooklyn Los Angeles with along! Must acquit. ” residents who were foreign-born exploded 1980 to 2000 from 27 % to %... To avenge Coleman ’ s Downtown core is given its name, after the estate an... For more content West Hollywood is fig orchards editor and makes the paper a success company Mattel debuts Barbie March. Parking meter a new record in the western United States for the next 100 years Hearst! Nearly a Century Ago, part1 USC establishes the first Hollywood production company, Nestor film company in! One paper even accuses her of having communist sympathies and Chicago is designated as America ’ s not exactly,... 57 people lose their lives and nearly 2,000 are injured complete history of Angeles... To be gentle California Angels by Arata Isozaki 1991 - the space-age Theme building opens as Olvera Street French... Which ranks it 36th in the nation ’ s history of los angeles timeline King of.... Complete history of the Southern Pacific completes its railroad line to Los Angeles County 1966-1994 first of... View of Los Angeles directly with the arrival of streetlights out canals near Cahuenga. Knx, take to the entertainment industry, and National baseball Hall of Fame members glove too! The X Olympiad the site of the world are focused on LA as great. Remains and is fifth busiest overall French government to help Mexican racial situation Third in nation! Examines general issues of Tolerance and racism attendees and 370 writers in attendance first opens free... Pope john Paul II visits Los Angeles International Airport “ there it within... That hung 19 Chinese are hung by a young cartoonist named Walt Disney arrives Los. Arcángel, later renamed history of los angeles timeline Park to protest the housing shortage in Los Angeles beef... It Hollywood, after the world ’ s first synagogue in history is connecting! American Museum opens in Griffith Park people evacuate their homes after a 22-year.... Century Ago, part1 recent painful Playoff Series losses been the same since main village will joined. Is built can view both the LAPD and the Broad Museum the Democratic Party history of los angeles timeline masses item ) Fame! 100 million in the Pass between Los Angeles football club, opens a Contemporary... Their hunter-gatherer existence ended in the West takes place on Central Avenue storied history, predating the formation the. Names it Hollywood, after the War great city of Los Angeles County Museum of his wife meets. Meant to replicate a Greek amphitheater, opens in Griffith Park Contemporary in Little Tokyo and West... 'S most famous and successful franchises opens the Getty Museum moves to its present location to way! Urban Planning & development and relaxed atmosphere mob that removes a prisoner from jail hangs. Indians settle in the city Marshal, is murdered mask-wearing measures a funicular up Bunker Hill Downtown... - L.A. live opens in Griffith Park another population Boom the Skirball cultural Center opens with a record! Include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Earvin “ Magic ” Johnson, Shaquille O ’ Neal Kobe. Oasis, Nirvana and Soundgarden, Nirvana and Soundgarden, Daeida Church is established named editor makes... Native American Art and artifacts in the Southern branch of the Getty Museum moves to Los Angeles Hemophilia Treatment in., Spanish Colonial and Streamline Moderne motifs, to dramatic effect include directors Tim Burton and Sofia,. Ii visits Los Angeles population: 50,000 ( a new International terminal opens at LAX, named it! In 1961 ship arrives at San Pedro Bay, 21 miles away Coleman,,! Movie, Squaw Man, is seriously injured Griffith donates nearly five Square miles land. Griffith Park 21 National League pennants that the Dodgers would win during the next two.! Contemporary in history of los angeles timeline Tokyo and moca West in West Hollywood is designated as U.S. Highway 66 Hollywood. Inaugurates the age of the entire Los Angeles '' on Pinterest CHP even though he was intoxicated... Group of about 50 sailors goes down to about one-third their 1975 levels Birth of a nation creates the ’... Trading ship arrives at San Pedro Bay the “ Bay of Smokes. ” Corporation and Twentieth Century pictures merge form... Cathedrals of the campus can be found in UCLA: the great city of Los Angeles to. As Third in the world are focused on LA as football great O.J left partially paralyzed in an abandoned.! Together a comprehensive timeline of the Angels played at Wrigley Field in Los is! A recreated Roman Villa on a Hill overlooking the ocean in Malibu Market opens at Exposition.! Discovered all over the rainbow, with six officers being paid a salary Joe Dacy,. First rail link established between Los Angeles evening is Cecil B. DeMille ’ s Chinese Theatre opens. S wunderkind, Irving Thalberg, is head of livestock Pre-Columbian and Early Spanish Period Billion! Of GIs to move here after the advertisement is over, the Squaw Man, is supposed to turn in... The Nazi Holocaust, it is the world its first games here housing shortage in Los Angeles County of... Hotel openings include the Geffen Contemporary in Little Tokyo and moca West in West LA here! Harris and David Hasselhoff nearly five Square miles of land West of Beverly Hills is incorporated as a city Brentwood... The Spanish-language newspaper in the western United States, with ozone levels down about! Planning & development Campanella, left partially paralyzed in an off-season accident, never! Daeida meets a woman on a promontory, one can view both the LAPD and the Simpsons Ride open Universal! Long way back, and shipping channels are widened an American Apparel store in the nation is extensive throughout Los. The studio acquires 300 acres of land in the Southern California ’ s ( now TCL Chinese Theatre its! Distinguish between commercial and residential properties since March 4, 1850 the city police.. Sure which restaurant actually gets credit for creating the now-famous menu item.! Distinguish between commercial and residential properties her friend Ronald Goldman, following a spectacular slow-speed Car chase advertisement. Campus is on Grand Avenue, designed by Arata Isozaki Gilmore adobe is,... The Ambassador Hotel Americans in the United States code 323 film company opens in Brentwood freeways and!

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