Enter the JavaScript detailed below, then substitute "Group2" with the Field Name property noted at step four: getField("Group2").value="" 7. Because it’s always a good idea to validate the value in the client before sending data to the server side. jQuery provides the attr( ) and prop() methods to accomplish the task. 4. The selected radio buttons will then be cleared. To know which radio button is checked, you use the value attribute. jQuery¶ If you want to use jQuery, then the right choice of unchecking radio button dynamically (such as on click of a button) will be using the prop() method. There are two ways to check or uncheck the radio button dynamically using jquery or javascript. Use document.querySelector (‘input [name=”GFG”]:checked’) method to check the checked element of radio button and dislapy its corresponding result. If no one radio button is selected then it returns ‘No one selected’. Double click to select this id, and copy it. The JavaScript Radio checked property is used to set or return the checked state of an Input Radio Button. For radio buttons you can use SSRadioButtonsController How to Uncheck a Radio Button. I have two groups of radio buttons. (N.b. Radio button checked and unchecked event using JavaScript. We'll be using a single line of javascript to identify the radio button and deselect it. var myRadio = document.getElementById ('ssn_byphone'); var booRadio; myRadio.onclick = function(){ if(booRadio == this) { this.checked = false; booRadio = null; }else{ booRadio = this; } };

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