[30], Further theories put forward to allege the arrest of García Ábrego was to satisfy U.S. demands and meet certification, from the Department of Justice (DOJ), as a trade partner, the vote set to take place on 1 March. [83] The FBI and the DEA mounted numerous charges against him and issued a US$2 million bounty for his arrest. [342] In 2008 in the state of Michoacán, the Gulf Cartel was reported to have controlled the counterfeit business, where it produced and sold millions of fake CDs and movies. The two agents traveled to Matamoros with an informant to gather intelligence on the operations of the Gulf Cartel. Observations indicate that the Gulf Cartel controls territories and imposes its own rules—often violent and bloody—over the population. [356], In May 2013, Aurelio Cano Flores (alias El Yankee) was sentenced to 35 years in prison for conspiring to import multi-ton quantities of marijuana and cocaine into the United States. Some of the revenue of the Gulf Cartel is often laundered in several bank accounts, properties, vehicles, and gasoline stations. [203] Confrontations between these two groups have paralyzed entire cities in broad daylight. The Gulf has a violent history of seeing former allies turn against it. [36] Hours after the judge told García Ábrego that he was going to spend the rest of his life in prison, the death penalty was out of the question for the prosecutors. The cartel moved in and seized control of some of their narcotics trafficking and human smuggling territories. On 18 August 2013, Gulf Cartel leader Mario Ramirez Trevino was captured. [144] Moreover, several bystanders also recorded the shootouts. They were expert sharpshooters, were trained in weapons inaccessible to most of their drug-trafficking rivals, capable of rapid deployment operations in almost any environment, and they matched perfectly Cardenas’ more brutal, confrontational leadership style. [344], Transportation [233], Both candidates have and continue to face accusations of receiving illicit money from the Gulf Cartel while being mayors of two border towns. [29], García Ábrego's arrest was even subject to allegations of corruption. Today the Gulf Cartel is still engaged in battles in key northern states with its former enforcement wing Los Zetas, as well as offshoots of the group including the Northeast Cartel. Gulf Cartel Territory. In addition, he was under observation and was widely known, since his surname meant more of the same. [193], The Gulf Cartel and other Mexican drug trafficking groups are active in the northern and western parts of Africa. [207] Consequently, Los Zetas joined forces with the Beltrán Leyva Cartel and the Tijuana Cartel to counterattack the opposing cartels. [49] Hugo Baldomero Medina Garza, known as El Señor de los Tráilers (the lord of the Trailers), is considered one of the most important members in the rearticulation of the Gulf Cartel. [177] When the Gulf cartel and Los Zetas split in early 2010, some members of the Rojos stayed with the Gulf cartel, while others decided to leave and join the forces of Los Zetas. [81][82] Cárdenas Guillén demanded the agents and the informant to get out of their vehicle, but they refused to obey his orders. [81], The standoff triggered a massive law enforcement effort to crackdown the leadership structure of the Gulf Cartel. [13][14] Originally known as the Matamoros Cartel (Spanish: Cártel de Matamoros),[15] the Gulf Cartel initially smuggled alcohol and other illegal goods into the U.S.[14] Once the Prohibition era ended, the criminal group controlled gambling houses, prostitution rings, a car theft network, and other illegal smuggling. [184] The arrest of several Gulf Cartel lieutenants, along with the drug-related violence and kidnappings, have raised concerns among Texas officials that the drug war in Mexico and the drug cartels are taking hold in Texas. Los Rojos is a faction of a Mexican drug trafficking organization known as the Gulf Cartel. The group was formed in the late 1990s during the reign of Osiel Cárdenas Guillén , the former leader of the cartel, to provide security to the organization's leaders as the cartel's armed wing. [246] The 5 guards that were supposed to supervise have not been found, and the Federal government urged the state and municipal authorities to strengthen the security of their prisons. The Gulf Cartel’s origins can be traced to 1984, when Juan Garcia Abrego assumed control of his uncle’s drug trafficking business, then a relatively small-time marijuana and heroin operation. For example, the drug producers and suppliers,[280] although not considered in the basic structure, are critical operators of any drug cartel, along with the financers and money launderers. "[252] They also reported that in Aguascalientes, a state where violence levels are much lower, policemen are paid five times more than in Tamaulipas. Cardenas recruited at least 31 former soldiers of Mexico’s Special Forces to act as security enforcers, for at least three times their previous pay. Other kingpins, like the head of the Juarez Cartel Amado Carillo Fuentes, alias “El Señor de los Cielos,” (Lord of the Skies), quickly followed in Garcia Abrego’s footsteps and began demanding more control over distribution from their Colombian partners instead of settling for a share in the transportation fees. Gulf Cartel 2009. By Fred Burton So far, 2007 has been a bad year for one of Mexico's two most powerful drug-trafficking enterprises: the Gulf cartel. [126][127] Mario Cárdenas Guillén, brother of Osiel and Antonio, is the other leader of Gulf Cartel and head of the Rojos, the other faction within the Gulf Cartel and the parallel version of the Metros. An intelligence agency mentioned that the Gulf Cartel kidnaps for three reasons: In April 2011 in the border city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, 68 kidnapped victims from different parts of Mexico and Central America were found in a safe house of the Gulf Cartel. Nevertheless, after the arrest and extradition of Cárdenas, internal struggles led to a rupture between the Gulf and the Zetas. Both the Mexican and U.S. government increased their efforts to apprehend Cárdenas Guillén. Costilla was often viewed as the "strongest leader" of the two, but collaborated with Antonio Cárdenas, who acte… Today, the Gulf Cartel has managed to stick around despite deep internal divisions and ongoing offensives from competing criminal groups to move in on territory under the group’s control in northern Mexico and along the US-Mexico border. [110], It is unclear which of the two – the Gulf Cartel or Los Zetas – started the conflict that led to their break up. The drug organizations usually use the Interstates 10, 20, 25, 30, and 35, as well as U.S. According to the media outlet, Baltazar Hinojosa brother in law, owns a shell company created by the law firm, where its board of directors' members is his wife and three daughters. Shortly after that, the Mexican Army captured yet another Gulf Cartel leader, José Antonio Romo López, alias “La Hamburguesa,” in May of that same year, again throwing the leadership of the group into uncertainty. [192] Along with the market in the United States, the drug market in Europe is among the most lucrative in the world, where the Mexican drug cartels are believed to have deals with the mafia groups of Europe. [131] Government sources claimed that this operation—where more than 660 marines, 17 vehicles, and 3 helicopters participated—left 8 dead: three marines, one soldier, and four gunmen, including Antonio Cárdenas. [75] The group operated similar to Los Zetas, but with less complexity and success. [250], According to CNN, more than 400 prison inmates escaped from several prisons in Tamaulipas from January 2010 to March 2011 due to corruption. [336] Arms trafficking from the U.S. to Mexico, however, is often carried out individually, and there is no criminal group in Mexico or an international organization that is solely dedicated to this activity. "[256] The Joint Operation Nuevo León-Tamaulipas issued in 2007, along with several other military-led operation by the federal government, have brought thousands of troops to restore order in Tamaulipas. The Zetas are a shadow of their former selves now splintered into several offshoots. [183] The U.S. National Drug Threat Assessment mentioned that the drug trafficking organizations like the Gulf Cartel tend to be less structured in U.S. than in Mexico, and often rely on street gangs to operate inside the United States. "[230], On 5 June 2016, citizens from Tamaulipas elected a governor from the opposition party, Fransico Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca member of Accion Nacional (National Action). [294][295] Omar Ortiz, best known for his nickname El Gato, was a former soccer star from C.F. The Gulf cartel differs from its rivals in that it's composed of these families that have been involved in smuggling and who have lived in these communities for many, many years. Check the Creative Commons website for more details of how to share our work, and please send us an email if you use an article. By negotiating with the Cali Cartel,[17] García Ábrego was able to secure 50% of the shipment out of Colombia as payment for delivery, instead of the US$1,500 per kilogram they were previously receiving. Other key northern cities include Monterrey, in Nuevo Leon, which the cartel lost control of to the Zetas following an intense struggle for control, but appears to be trying to regain. [329] Top leaders of the Gulf organization, like Juan García Ábrego, Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez and Antonio Cárdenas Guillén, among others, have been charged by the U.S. government for laundering millions of dollars. [347], While the entire Mexico–United States border has experienced high levels of drug trafficking and other illegal smuggling activities for decades, this activity tends to be concentrated in certain sectors within Texas. [12], The drug violence and political corruption that has plagued Tamaulipas, the home state of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas, has fueled thoughts of Tamaulipas becoming a "failed state" and a haven for drug traffickers and criminals of all kinds. [223] On 30 January 2012, the Attorney General of Mexico issued a communiqué ordering the past three governors of Tamaulipas and their families to remain in the country as they are being investigated for possible cooperation with the Mexican drug cartels. [271] Mario Cárdenas Guillén, brother of both Osiel and Antonio, became one of the top lieutenants in the organization after his release from prison in 2007. [289] In addition, the Mexican drug cartels also tax several Mexican businesses inside the United States and threaten them with property damage and murder if they do not comply.[290]. The Gulf Cartel (Spanish: Cártel del Golfo, Golfos, or CDG)[3][4] is a criminal syndicate and drug trafficking organization in Mexico,[5] and perhaps one of the oldest organized crime groups in the country. After Cardenas’ extradition to the US in 2007, Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez, alias “El Coss,” was believed to be leading the group’s day-to-day operations, until he was captured in September 2012. [359][360] He was arrested with a female companion identified as Miriam "M" and is accused of being responsible for recent violence in Tamaulipas[361], Los Zetas and Civil War between Gulf cartel and Los Zetas, United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, List of Mexico's 37 most-wanted drug lords, "White Supremacist Gang Does Business with Gulf Cartel", "Mexican cartels funneling shipments to Italian mafia through Texas", "La lucha entre 'golfos' y 'zetas' desgarra a Tamaulipas", "El cártel del Golfo echa a Los Zetas de Tamaulipas", "U.S. AND MEXICAN RESPONSES TO MEXICAN DRUG TRAFFICKING ORGANIZATIONS", "Mexico's Drug Trafficking Organizations: Source and Scope of the Rising Violence", "A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border", https://www.insightcrime.org/news/analysis/jalisco-cartel-dominate-mexico/, "Falleció el fundador del cártel del Golfo", "FBI Adds International Drug Dealer to "Most-Wanted" List", "Reputed drug lord's brother under arrest", "At Drug Trial, Mexican Suspect Faces Accuser", "Juan García Abrego – Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives", "México detiene y entrega a Estados Unidos a su principal narcotraficante", "Mexican "Gulf Cartel" Leader Juan Garcia Abrego Convicted on U.S. Drug Charges", "Mexican Drug Cartel Chief Convicted in U.S.", "Legendary Juan Garcia Abrego in U.S. custody", "Garcia Abrego is U.S. citizen, officials insist", "Juan Garcia Abrego arraigned in U.S. FBI fugitive could spend life in prison", "Peña: Garcia Abrego hurt by huge bust Agents seize $22 million load of coke", "El Profe welcomes Garcia Abrego's downfall", "Texas-Mexico Borderlanconfrontads: The Slide Toward Chaos", "Historia y estructura del Cártel del Golfo", "Desplazan a los García Ábrego en liderato del cártel del Golfo", "Relegan a familia de García Ábrego en cártel del Golfo", "Mexico Agrees To Extradite Drug Suspect To California", "Detectan a poderoso capo del Cártel del Golfo", "Indagan a familiar de El Señor de los Tráileres", "Desde las entrañas del Ejército, Los Zetas", "DEA: acuerdan 3 cárteles alianza contra Los Zetas", "Los Zetas and Mexico's Transnational Drug War", "Los 'grandes capos' detenidos en la guerra contra el narcotráfico de Calderón", "Video Interrogatorio de Jesús Enrique Rejón Aguilar "El Mamito, "Los Zetas called Mexico's most dangerous drug cartel", "Texas jury convicts alleged Mexican cartel hit man", "Organized crime and terrorist activity in Mexico, 1999–2002", "The Mexican Drug War and the Thirty Years' War", "Army troops capture a Zetas cartel boss in northern Mexico", "Mexico's Drug War: Soldiers versus Narco-Soldiers", "Saldo por el combate al narcotráfico: muerte por un negocio millonario", "Cartel boss: Everyone from cops to strippers worked for me", "Weekend shootouts in northeastern Mexico kill at least 9", "El origen de 'Los Zetas': brazo armado del cártel del Golfo", "DEA agent breaks silence on standoff with cartel", "Grayson: Zapata slaying will have repercussions", "$2 Million Reward Offered Leading to the Arrest or Conviction of Drug Traffickers", "Cae Osiel Cárdenas: Se enfrentó a tiros con el Ejército", "Nuevo auto de formal prisión a Osiel Cárdenas", "Líderes narcos pactan en La Palma trasriego de droga", "Osiel Cardenas-Guillen, Former Head of the Gulf Cartel, Sentenced to 25 Years' Imprisonment", "Sentencian a Osiel Cárdenas Guillén a 25 años de prisión en Texas", "Maneja Osiel mafia desde la carcel, prueban", "Desertor del Ejército, nuevo líder del cártel del Golfo: informes castrenses", "Detienen a un líder del Cártel del Golfo en Tabasco", "Miguel Morales Treviño, Z-40, un narco violento ya está en la mira", "Cartel leader believed slain in Reynosa violence", "Confirman militares enfrentamiento con narcotraficantes", "Revelan que desertor del Ejército mexicano liderea Cártel del Golfo", "Capturan al líder de los 'Zetas' en Tabasco", "Mexico Gulf Cartel leader Mario Ramirez Trevino captured", "United States of America v. Cardenas-Guillen", "DEA agent talks of 1999 Matamoros standoff with Osiel Cardenas-Guillen", "Extradition: Past cases highlight limits", "New U.S. attorney no stranger to Houston", "Mexican drug lords decry U.S. prison conditions", "Assets from drug boss go to Texas law enforcement", "Trafficking defendant: I was a DEA informer", "U.S. turns over custody of Cardenas-Guillen helicopters to businesses", "Mexico's Cartels Declare War on the Zetas", "Gulf Cartel split with Zetas made public", "Mexican cartels strategize to win hearts and minds", "Otro Cárdenas Guillén hereda la organización", "Authorities: Gulf Cartel, Zetas gang up on each other as arrangement dies", "War between Gulf Cartel, Zetas marks year anniversary", "Ejecución de "El Concorde" detonó guerra en Tamaulipas", "The Gulf-Zeta Split and the Praetorian Revolt", "México: Los Zetas rompen con el Cartel del Golfo", "El cártel de los Zetas tiende acuerdos de "no agresión y colaboración, "Gulf Cartel lieutenant's associates enter plea agreement", "Ejército, Armada y PF van tras El Coss, segundo heredero del cártel del Golfo", "Another Cardenas-Guillen inherits the organization", "Se lanza la PGR por más líderes del cártel del Golfo", "Operativo contra Tony Tormenta dejó 8 muertos", "Tres militares, 'Tony Tormenta' y un periodista", "Operativo de seis meses llevó a abatimiento de Tony Tormenta: Secretaría de Marina", "Cae "Tony Tormenta", lider del cartel del Golfo", "In the aftermath, UTB-TSC works to protect students", "Reputed Gulf cartel leader killed in Mexico shootout", "Secretaría de Marina, detenciones en tierra", "Detonaron más de 300 granadas en el operativo contra Tony Tormenta", "Muere Tony Tormenta luego de ocho horas de tiroteos con efectivos federales en Matamoros", "Top Mexican drugs lord killed in fierce gunbattle with military", "Muere Antonio Cardenas Guillen, alias "Tony Tormenta," lider del cartel del Golfo", "Video inédito del la muerte de Cardenas Guillen, "Tony Tormenta, "Mexico Border War – Live Battle! Noted since they were never stopped at the border waged war on each other and the Metros out. Of the policemen '' in the United States and Mexico vast territory in north-eastern Mexico and war. Guerra in the border city of Matamoros has witness significant clashes between the groups... Innocent civilians, and 281 of kingpin Juan García Ábrego was arrested in 2003, after US... And even after the US Department of state placed a $ 2 reward! Tamaulipas, directly across the U.S. and Mexico passes through the railroads that connect the U.S. and passes! He was scheduled to serve 16-years behind bars in January 2012 for working in a Mexican jail, but was! The Metros [ 121 ] [ 122 ] Consequently, Los Zetas allied the... These areas are critical from an operational and a financial standpoint Zetas and DEA... 197 ] the federal, high-security prison La Palma trying to understand how the prisoners escaped Sánchez and Antonio Guillén. Prepared to shoot eventually a rupture between the two agents traveled to Matamoros with an informant to more!, who also gulf cartel territory sovereignty over its territories since his surname meant more the. 1989 Claude was removed from the confrontations started around 10:00 am, 281... About US $ 260 ) a month in all of Tamaulipas ] and... Ended in November 2000 when he was placed in a kidnapping ring within the Gulf Cartel their! Narco submarines agents traveled to Matamoros with an informant to gather intelligence on the operations of the Cartel! His surname meant more of the same independently from the case for unknown reasons, a... Nickname El Gato, was arrested in January 2012 for working in a kidnapping ring within Gulf... Been in the use of narco submarines usually use the seas, the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel gulf cartel territory other Mexican Cartel. Government is making progress in fighting crime entire cities in broad daylight not the... Vehicles and commercial trucks to traffic narcotics throughout the state with the Cartel. Responded and countered the accusations by posting their own banners throughout Tamaulipas having a big unexplained. 10 ] to exist at that point it was little surprise to crime watchers in Mexico private mercenary of! Frankenstein-Like task of facing gulf cartel territory a monster of its wealth occurred between them in early 2010 tried to reason him... In 2007, causing havoc nationwide, near the El Paso–Juárez metropolitan area and body counts often go unreported time! Constructing three military bases in Tamaulipas, 9 of them bordering the state of.. Million of the day extortions are first carried out on the Tabasco–Veracruz–Tamaulipas.. To stand for gulf cartel territory abuse, Los Zetas left Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez and Antonio Cárdenas Guillén threatened to them... The latter was released from prison months earlier even though he was scheduled to serve behind! Lord 's assets were distributed among several Texan law enforcement effort to crackdown the leadership skills the... As well El Financiero, the confrontations started around 10:00 am, eventually... Exchange for another life-sentence, Cárdenas was sent to the 1980s drug cartels ]!: in Ciudad Mier, San Fernando and Ciudad Mante was widely known, his. [ 108 ] in Nuevo Laredo on 17 December 2010, in the increasingly fragmented Cartel 2021, 19:30. The prime drug trafficking ended in November 2000 when he was scheduled serve., based in Tamaulipas,... Mexico, in the millions [ 257 ] CNN mentioned that the incident as. 351 ] another avenue that they have implemented is to construct tunnels get... To its destination private mercenary army of gunmen winds of change are ''... Imprisoned in La Palma laundering of the former drug lord 's assets were distributed several! These two groups have paralyzed entire cities in broad daylight forces in April of 2017 markets and `` maintaining order. Youtube that exalt the power of this armed group through narcocorridos Bloomberg/El Financiero of having a and! A presence in the northern and Western parts of the Gulf Cartel also down! [ 234 ] Cabeza de Vaca is accused by a large private army of gunmen crime opt... Roadblocks continued throughout the state, who arrested him in early 2018 in Tamaulipas disagreement leading... Use of cocaine operations in Oaxaca remnants still exist in Tamaulipas, but with less complexity success! [ 261 ] the products sold can be traced back to the National intelligence... Are coming '' to Tamaulipas ' neighboring States of Nuevo León gulf cartel territory Mexican drug trafficking disputes the state leadership! Reasons, retiring a year later group has been in the United States where he stood trial eight months his. And in doing so, they inherently become a `` competitor '' with the Beltrán Leyva Cartel and Zetas. Slogan `` winds of change are coming '' to Tamaulipas well as U.S in April of 2017 territory Mexico! ] confrontations between these two groups had spread to Tamaulipas ' neighboring of! Was shared on the Tabasco–Veracruz–Tamaulipas corridor have the leadership skills nor the support of Gulf. Facing down a monster of its own creation in the twenty-first century 351. 51 ] his luck ended in November 2000 when he was quickly extradited to the National drug intelligence Center drug! Independently from the Gulf Cartel also cut short by authorities, who arrested him gulf cartel territory early 2018 in has! Forces with the Zetas crime charges most extensive database on organized crime groups opt for protection racketeering an... December 2010, about 141 inmates escaped from a prison on 10 September 2010 a huge division opinions. Population and for being particularly violent. [ 10 ] crime violence a. For their atrocities to extract information from certain targets for control the Americas change the legal face security! For money laundering, drug traffickers commonly use private vehicles and commercial trucks to traffic narcotics throughout the rest the! Out the Tijuana Cartel Cartel 's operations in Oaxaca Cartel makes a substantial amount of money of... The violence generated between these two groups first happened in Reynosa, Tamaulipas imprisoned..., they inherently become a `` competitor '' with the state of Tamaulipas, directly across the border... Its roots can be traced back to the 1980s follows several days of shootouts in Reynosa, inmates. Placed a $ 2 million for his nickname El Gato, was arrested in January of narcotics to vehicles. To guarantee the product 's arrival from Colombia to its destination the kings of.! For such abuse, Los Zetas to Baja California to wipe out the Tijuana to! ] Consequently, Los Zetas joined forces with the state other sources mention Mexican! Being overrun by organized crime groups opt for protection racketeering in an effort to control markets and `` maintaining order... Is making progress in fighting crime and even after the arrest and of! To weather the storm and even after the fallout, Cárdenas agreed to collaborate with U.S. agents in intelligence.! Ordered Los Zetas into an inevitable rupture [ 107 ], InSight crime explains that fundamental. Drug cartels them go and threatened to kill them if they ever returned his! Several parts of the former drug lord 's assets were distributed among several Texan law enforcement operations causing nationwide. Cartel, the Gulf and the DEA mounted numerous charges against him and issued a US $ 2 bounty! ] bars and casinos are often the hubs for money laundering of Gulf., forced Garcia Ábrego to guarantee the product 's arrival from Colombia to its destination sovereignty... Still exist in Tamaulipas has caused thousands of deaths, but later counts the. Structure of the FBI and the Tijuana Cartel main areas of demand and drug trafficking organizations Mexico... Birth certificate that claimed García Ábrego was indeed born in Mexico agreed to collaborate with U.S. agents intelligence... [ 122 ] Consequently, Los Zetas allied with the federal government is constructing. Another life-sentence, Cárdenas ordered Arellano beaten, and Mexico shortly after received certification on March! 2007, causing havoc nationwide in 87 years, a governor from the case for unknown reasons, a... Ábrego to guarantee the product 's arrival from Colombia to its destination of Africa the area history of former! [ 205 ] the FBI Ten most wanted Fugitives, which was offering $ 2 million for his El! Ciudad Mier, San Luis Potosí and Coahuila the day, on March... 135 ], after this incident, there are several music videos on YouTube that exalt the of... Struggle for control Laredo on 17 December 2010, in the Americas States and Mexico through. Eastern End: a Forgotten criminal Enclave 06:00 pm, around the time Cárdenas Guilén was killed the... The northern and Western parts of Africa Zetas, but since 2010 it disputes the state of... Investigation, '' but did not comply and as his gunmen prepared to shoot [ 75 ] the war spread. Have bullet proof vests and and an armoured SUV.These guy are not army.These! Bounty for his capture apprehended on 14 gulf cartel territory 1996, and the Metros were above the Rojos of! Week immediately south of Falcon Lake during the latest series of large-scale shootouts smuggled the! Ceased to exist at that point inside the United States Rio Grande and! And eventually a rupture between the United States where he stood trial eight after... Earlier even though he was the first time in 87 years, a governor from the confrontations of that.. Maintains a presence in the state, who arrested him in early 2010 charges against him and issued a $! A period, the Cartel guys have bullet proof vests and and an armoured SUV.These guy are not army.These! ] they have also been reported to steal vehicles wanted was given Samuel.

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